About Us

Hello! 👋 I’m Hans-Peter. Here’s a 10-second summary of my 11-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of GoEnterprise and a life-long mission to help electricians to generate constant contracts.

My Story

Providing Marketing Services Since 2001

9 years ago, I was struggling to get clients into the door myself. Because of that, my struggle with lead generation and closing contracts kickstarted my journey to build a system that constantly generates leads and contracts.

There were days and months when I had to fight to get a contract, even though I was not happy with the client that I took on.

After a ton of trial-and-error, research and hard work, I finally managed to build a consistent and predicatable system that brings leads for my own business as well as for our clients. I also realized that I have a huge passion to help others do the same. Now my clients and me myself can work with clients that we actually love to work with. Big difference.

Since then, I’ve helped over 800+ people to get a constant flow of leads and paid contracts for their business, and served over 270 customers who bought our 1-1-1 System.

During my free time, I love to read books, spend time with my kids and tweak my solar panels in my backyard. 


Managing Director & Found